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Remember what it was like...

to have an attendant pump your gasoline for you at the service station? Get that feeling all over again with premium, full service Web & Email hosting from ZetaOne. Everything you want without ever getting your hands dirty. (If you do actually remember, but don't want to admit it, that's ok too.)

Domain Service

Have a Domain already. We can manage it for you. Or, if you'd like a new Domain, we can purchase it on your behalf. Then we can help you use it. We'll also make sure renewals happen so you don't ever lose it. Should you ever want to move it somewhere else, it belongs to you 100%. Protect yourself from shady companies that try to lock you in to their hosting service because 'they' own your domain.

Email Hosting

Our email hosting is as 'full service' as our web hosting. A client conversation might go something like this,

"I'd like an email account for our new sales manager, John Smith." says you the customer.

"Okay, you're all set," says ZetaOne.

Wouldn't it be nice if everything could be that easy?

Mobile Email & Sync

It's a hot feature, mobile email, contacts, and calendar sync. Our hosting services wouldn't be complete without it. Whether you're using iOS devices or Android, we got you covered.

Does your company use IBM, Lotus Notes? We can help you with that too.

Don't miss another important email, call ZetaOne today.

Web Hosting

What is a Full Service Web Host? Well, it's a trained technician taking care of all the mumbo-jumbo behind the scenes so your 'www' goes to the right place. Kudos to you if you're the type to get in there and do-it-yourself, but our web hosting caters to the business client who wants to focus on their expertise, and let our experts take care of the web hosting setup.

Active SPAM Filtering

You may have experienced (or are currently experiencing) an overload of unwanted, SPAM type emails in your in-box. For a company, the cost of SPAM can eat at you like a parasite. Eliminate SPAM and protect your business from malicious attacks that often accompany SPAM with ZetaOne's Active SPAM Filtering. More than just a simple content filter, our service is updated on a weekly basis so that ever changing SPAM generators are identified and BLOCKED!

ZetaOne SPAM filtering lets through all the emails you want, and blocks the ones you don't.

We're grateful to all of our customers, especially ...

Affinity Custom Molding
Mendon, MI
Customer Since: 2002

Affinity Custom Molding, one of our very first customers, has done a great job of providing specialty, injection molding products to a wide range of industries.

Todd Cook and his team partnered with us to build custom management software, a robust network infrastructure, and a complete telecom system to support their evolving and nimble business.

A special 'Thank You' to Affinity Custom Molding. We wish you many more years of success.


Aaron Garn, ZetaOne

(Please visit Affinity at:

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