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We're Big Picture Kind of People

You're Already Paying Someone for IT Support,
Are You Getting Your Monkey's Money's Worth?

Are you looking for a company to robotically fix your computer glitches from time to time and then disappear into the scenery until you call again? If you're reading this, the answer is most likely a resounding 'no'. The trouble is, most IT support companies traditionally operate that way.

You don't want a company that waits for you to come up with the answers, and then starts punching the keyboard. This is your IT infrastructure we're talking about. Your business, your people, depends on your computer systems every day. You want a company that genuinely has your business in mind. A partner that brings you solid strategies and solutions to help your business succeed.

If you're looking for more from your service provider, if you want an advisor, a consultant, a partner ... then your looking in the right place. ZetaOne's consulting services is what sets us apart from other IT support providers. We make it our business to understand your business. Call ZetaOne, and outsource your IT department today.

Custom Analysis

We analyze your business goals and help to identify and plan IT infrastructure and services to meet your needs. No job is too small for us to put on our consulting hats, and review to ensure a solution is right for you.

Strategic Execution

With proper infrastructure plans, we can then source, purchase and implement. We take care to fully implement solutions properly and according to industry standard practices.

During the process, systems are fully documented and recorded, capturing critical information such as support/warranty contract information and licensing details & renewal periods protecting you from exposure to degraded performance or security.

Best of Breed

Best-of-breed implementation means pairing your goals with proper fitting solutions to create stability, maximize uptime, mitigate disaster prevention & recovery strategies, plan for future growth, and generate solid return on investment.

Monitoring & Support

Long after the initial excitement of implementing a system has passed, we'll be here to monitor and support your infrastructure.

We take great care in operating our internal systems that allow us to support you effectively and efficiently without ever missing a beat.

For more on our customer focused approach to IT support, please review our Computer Support information.

We're grateful to all of our customers, especially ...

ACT Test Panels
Hillsdale, MI
Customer Since: 2010

Frank Lutze and his team at ACT have guided their business through different changes over the years. Most recently, they took on the task of re-inventing their IT strategy.

At ZetaOne, we were excited to get the chance to offer consulting services in streamlining and updating significant pieces of their network.

We met with their team, and engineered a plan that was right for them. Then we got busy and implemented it,

ACT is now leaner and meaner. We can't wait to see what they do next.

A big thanks to Frank Lutze and team. We look forward to a continued partnership with you.


Aaron Garn, ZetaOne

(Please visit ACT at:

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